WOW! What a crazy week.

Thank you, everyone for making the launch of the FREE online book of Getting Started: iPads for Special Needs and smashing success.  Your feedback has been amazing.  This is what happened this week:

  • 3,200 People have showed up to take a look
  • Over 800 people have signed up to view the look
  • 33,000 pages of the book have been served up
  • 19 and half minutes is the average time on site.


WOW!  I had no idea this was going be received so well.
OK so that is the good news, but there have been challenges.  User have had problems logging in.  Or more accurately, trying to login.  I have been working with the developer of the plugin that manages the registration and my datacenter and we think we have it figured out now.  All of the testing i can on my end has been done on this issue and it all looks good.  Two things:

  1. For all users who could not get in and did not contact me.  You need to clear the browser history (or cache) from the time you first created your login until now.  Then when you login it should work.  I have tested this fix almost 2 dozen times and it has worked for me every time.  If you do not do this on your end you will have to use another browser or create a second login.  I cannot clear your history on my end.
  2. Second, if you have any feedback, comments, suggestion, think you have found another bug, please please let me know via the contact me form.

The next item on my to do this is to figure out how to provide a FREE online copy for who are visually impaired and use JAWs or VoiceOver.  You can buy an electronic version and use a screen reader but I do really want to find a solution that is online and free.  I have sent everyone a direct email asking for you help and have gotten a ton of great suggestions so far.  Next step will be to find some testers.  Contact me if you are able and will to some testing and provide some feedback.
In the end, thank you for all of your great feedback, comments and thoughts. Of course it is no surprise that are so many wonderful people in the world. But I have to tell you from the bottom of my heart how much it means to me to be having such quality interactions with everyone.  As a new parent (Noah is 4.5 years old and is our first) this last 4.5 years have been incredibly hard, going this project had been an amazing experience  for me, meeting this group has been even more so.
Thank you for all of your time and effort