TIP: New Volume Limit Feature in iOS 6


My son Noah loves to turn the volume up as high as it will go, always! Add to that some app seem to punch the loudness up when they mix the sound in their apps and all of sudden my hears are bleeding. I cannot stand it. In the book I talk wanting some sort of volume control in the software and not finding it I recommend putting tape over the speaker. I know, it is an old school solution but if it works, do it.

Every new version of iOS I look for some volume control and there is one for the music if you have headphones plugged in but not volume limiter. iOS 6 just launched and I was looking around and low and behold I found one. Yeah! Well sort of. Let me explain.

First where is it and how do you set it up.

In the Settings App, under General tab, under restrictions, under Allow Changes you will fine a new setting called Volume Limit. Keep in mind restrictions must be enabled to use it. Tap on Volume Limit and you have two choices, Allow Changes (Default) and Don’t Allow Changes. Allow Changes means when you use the volume rocker it will change the volume of the sound. If you select Don’t Allow Changes it will lock the volume at the current setting. So you want to adjust the volume levels before you turn this feature on.

Note: It does not effect the volume of the ringtone. That is a different setting under the Sound tab.

The Issue I Found

Here is the thing, and why i still use tape. What I want is a volume limiter not to turn off the volume controls completely. Let me explain. The festure locks the volume at a certain level. This would be great if everything app was at the same volume level. Since this is not the case, then I had to turn it off because some apps where to quite while others were to loud at the same volume level. What I really want is to be able to use the volume rocker to adjust volume but be able to limit the maximum volume. So I am still use tape. Close but not quite for me.

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