TIP: How to Sync Media to the iPad easily

sync_smallThis is not really a special needs tip but more of a general one. It all started with my Dad, his just go a new iPad, and wants to put pictures and video on the iPad for my kids. My Dad is a professional photographer and documentary filmmaker so he has ton of very interesting media that the kids love to look with him. So my answer was “create a folder and sync it”. He said “what?”

Here is what I explained:

You sync either via the cloud or iTunes, in the case we are using iTunes.
Different media sync differently. For example, Photos sync with either iPhoto on the mac or a folder on the PC. Music and video with the music and video in iTunes (Mac and PC).
What I wanted was an easy way for him to set the sync once and then all he had to do was move stuff in and out of a single folder for each media. Here what we were able to accomplish:

Photos: In iPhoto he created one album and called it iPad, then he added photos. In iTunes under iPad, under photos, he selected to only sync the iPad folder. When he wants to change any of the photos, he can just add and remove photo to that folder and sync without having to mess with changes iTunes settings.
Music: In iTunes, he created a play list, added songs, and set iTunes to only sync that play list.
Video: Video is a little different becuase there is no folder or playlist equivalents. So for video you have to select individually each video when you want to add or remove. Darn, sorry.
For music and photos you can of course create more than one folder and playlist and sync them.