This is an excerpt video of the Udemy Course Accessibility Features of iOS for the iPad and iPhone. The course is available online for free at:

This course will cover the all of the iOS accessibility features up to iOS 6 for both the iPhone and iPad. The course with go in depth into 3 key accessibility features; VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch and GuidedAccess

Accessibility Features of iOS for the iPad and iPhone

Large Text: Within the operating system, under the settings in “Accessibility” tab, you have the ability to enlarge a text up to 56 points. Not standard 70 point, but up to 56 point. What this does is it does not enlarge the navigation text. This doesn’t enlarge everything, this just enlarges large text blocks.

This will enlarge the email, but it won’t enlarge the folders next to it. It’ll enlarge the web page text, but it won’t enlarge the buttons on it. This can be really good for reading text. When it comes to navigation, you’re going to need to use Zoom or VoiceOver to do the navigation. You can use them in combination, zoom and large text.

Large text can be particularly difficult to use on smaller device like an iPod Touch or an iPhone, just because there isn’t as much screen real estate to show large blocks of text. Like I said, it can be used in conjunction with Zoom to make a complete solution.

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