This is an excerpt video of the Udemy Course Accessibility Features of iOS for the iPad and iPhone. The course is available online for free at:

This course will cover the all of the iOS accessibility features up to iOS 6 for both the iPhone and iPad. The course with go in depth into 3 key accessibility features; VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch and GuidedAccess

Accessibility Features of iOS for the iPad and iPhone

Our objectives today. In this course we have two primary objectives. The first thing we’re going to do is go through all of the accessibility features as Apple defines them on the iPad. Then, we’re going to go into three very specific features, VoiceOver, Guided Access, and AssistiveTouch, with a series of videos that we’ve done on this subject matter.

This is not only set-up but usage and a couple of ‘gotchas’ when it comes to it. All right. Let’s get started.

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