This is an excerpt video of the Udemy Course Accessibility Features of iOS for the iPad and iPhone. The course is available online for free at:

This course will cover the all of the iOS accessibility features up to iOS 6 for both the iPhone and iPad. The course with go in depth into 3 key accessibility features; VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch and GuidedAccess

Accessibility Features of iOS for the iPad and iPhone

Braille Displays: You can think about a braille display like a braille printer. What it does the iPad sends a string of text to the display, and the display, depending on how many characters the display has, it will display the first line of text for as many characters. There are braille displays that have 20 characters, and braille displays that have 80 characters. I’ll display as many characters as it has until you tell it for the next line of text.

this is a really good interface for those users who are proficient with braille. For those users, for example, who are not only proficient with braille but also who are deaf and blind, who have visual and auditory impairments, this can be a great interface.

The braille displays are connected to the iPad wirelessly via Bluetooth. The same display that can be used on the iPad can be used on a laptop and a desktop, and so you can have a consistent interface across a lot of your technology.

This is something at the base operating system, so the iOS does connect to the braille display by default. Using the analogy of the printer, it connects at the operating system level. Any application, you need to test on a per application basis because the application also needs to be able to send text to the braille display.

A lot of games, for example, braille display is not going to be a great interface for. Things like email and webpages, the braille display is going to be a great interface for. Braille displays, from a cost perspective, they’re coming down pretty dramatically now. I’ve seen them as low as $300.00-400.00 and as high as $4,000.

The good news is that that is substantially less expensive than they were, and so this is becoming a more ubiquitous kind of interface.

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