Over 400 students on Accessibility Class

Over night between Saturday May 11th and Sunday May 12th 2013, the enrollment for the Udemy class Accessibility Features on the iPad passed the 400 student mark.  So far it as been all 5 star ratings.  Not bad for less than 60 days.

Here is a link to the class:   Accessibility Features on the iPad and iPhone on Udemy Course

Here is a link to the class on this website:  Accessibility Features on the iPad and iPhone on This Website

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Course Details

This course will cover the all of the iOS accessibility features up to iOS 6 for both the iPhone and iPad. The course with go in depth into 3 key accessibility features:

1. VoiceOver

2. AssistiveTouch

3. Guided Access

The in depth videos include setup, the feature in action and usage scenarios. There is a resource list at the end for further information.

Category: Education
Tags: ios accessibility, guide access, assistivetouch, voiceover, ipad, iphone, education

What’s in the course?

Over 39 lectures and 1.5 hrs of content!
Participants will understand all of the accessibility features of Apple iOS up to version 6
Participants will understand the various features for Vision, Hearing and Physical Impairment
Participants will understand VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch and Guided Access features in depth.

Course requirements:

Basic understand of how an iPhone and iPad work

Who Should Attend?

For Anyone who is interested in accessibility features of Apple iOS