Login Help

I know login problems can be frustrating. I am sorry if any of this causes you any frustration and if you contact me I will work hard to solve any login issues you have.

There have been a couple of issues that have happen with logins but they have been inconsistent so I have been unable to duplicate them on my end. I ask for your help and information so I solve them once and for all.  If you do not find an answer to your question please feel free to contact me.

What are the steps of the login process?

There are 4 steps in the process they are as follows:

  1. On the Registration Page click (or tap) on the “Sign Up” button
  2. Fill out the Registration Information:  Username, Email Address, and Password, then click (or tap) “Register My Account”
  3. On the Sign up for Free Registration Page click (or tap) on the “Subscribe” button.
  4. That is it, you are now logged in.  As a result you will be brought to the “Welcome” page and you will be logged into the system. (To check if you are logged in you should see a new small menu bar at the very top of the browser window and in the right hand corner it should say “Howdy Username” (whatever your Username is).

What happen if right after I register, I click or tap on Read Book Online and it ask me to register again? This an also known and an endless login loop

First check to see if you are logged in. If you are login in there should be a very small dark gray tool bar at the very top and in the right hand corner you should see  “Howdy, Username”  (whatever your user name is).  If you are logged in and you still cannot access the book contact me.  Let me know you are logged in and cannot access the book and I will look at your account and likely have to activate it.

If you do not see the tool bar or the “Howdy, Username” then the system has logged you out for some reason and all you need to do is login again.  Login Here

I created an account on at a different time or I just created an account and tried to login and will not let me in.

There are times when a user has properly registered and have an active account and for some unknown reason the system will not let them login.  This does not happen often but I have been told the following works:

  1. Log Out and Exit your browser
  2. Try login into using another browser.  If that does not work contact me.
  3. If it does work, go back to your first browser and clear the cache of the first browser.
  4. You should now be able to login with the first browser,

I am using Internet Explorer 9 and I am getting an endless loop and cannot login

Internet Explorer Users, I am working to correct this issue but you may find yourself getting the protected content message even though you are logged in. Please do the following

  1. Log out of the website
  2. Clear your cache
  3. Log back in
  4. You should now be able to read the book

Can you send me a link that bypasses the login?

Yes I can. I would be happy to. Please contact me.

What information would I like to know when you contact me?

When you contact me about a login issue, please provide the following formation:

  1. Description of the problem. For example, “I keep having to login in a endless loop.”
  2. Steps leading up to the problem. For example, “I registered with your site, added my contact information and click on the free subscription”
  3. Your operating system and browser. For example, “My OS is Windows 7 and browser is Chrome vs 24.0.1312.52”