Learn how to Close Caption Your Videos Effectively on a Budget

Cisco System, says that in 3 years, 90% of all traffic on the Internet will be video!

By 2014, half of all people in the United States of America will watch some sort of video on the Internet everyday!

If you don’t ever intend to create videos and post them online, this post is not for you.

For everyone else then I am excited to announce my newest course on Udemy

picture of udemy course titled open & closed captioning effectively on a budget

After creating the course Accessibility Features of iOS for the iPad and iPhone (LINK) I have been getting a lot of question about how I captioned all of the video lectures (41 in all). As a side note there are 1300+ who have already taken the course so that just makes me supper happy!

It became clear to me that captioning was a pain for most people. Frankly it was a pain for me but I develop an effective way to do it both from the cost and time perspective. So I put it all together in a course on Udemy. There are:

– 83 lectures with over 2 hours of video (yes all captioned! with transcripts in the notes)
– We will define captioning
– Outline the Benefits
– Define a Process
– Show you how to use all of the software needed (most of it is free)

You will need to have:

– basic working knowledge of Video, Audio and Text editing
– Be able to install new software on your system
– Have a Mac or PC

The course is $29

Captioning is a very important subject to me, I hope you enjoy the class.

As always, if you have any questions please contact me at sami.b.rahman@gmail.com

Thank You