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Accessories I Recommend

I am asked a lot about what kind of accessories you would want to get and use with a special needs user for an iPad or Android Tablet. The items in this list are all iPad related but you can find similar ones for your Android Tablet.  I figured the best way to keep and maintain this

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TIP: New Volume Limit Feature in iOS 6

My son Noah loves to turn the volume up as high as it will go, always! Add to that some app seem to punch the loudness up when they mix the sound in their apps and all of sudden my hears are bleeding. I cannot stand it. In the book I talk wanting some sort

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TIP: Setting Up Multiple FaceTime Accounts

If you have a communal iPad or other device on which you will use FaceTime, and you have a number of users who are old enough and mature enough to need their own contact lists, you can set up multiple FaceTime accounts. This way, a user can login as themselves and only see what they

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TIP: How to Change the Mute Slider into a Screen Rotation Lock Slider

If screen rotation is more of an issue for you than putting the iPad into mute mode, then you can choose to change the mute button into a screen rotation lock button. Here’s how: Go to “Settings” and tap “General” Under the section called “Use Side Switch to,” tap on “Lock Rotation.” The default is

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TIP: What Computer to use with iTunes

Yes the newest, least used computer in your house. The reason you want newest and least used computer is that there is a relationship between the iPad and iTunes on the computer. Yes, you can get software directly on the iPad, but the system was designed to make iTunes on your computer the main library

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TIP: How to Sync Media to the iPad easily

This is not really a special needs tip but more of a general one. It all started with my Dad, his just go a new iPad, and wants to put pictures and video on the iPad for my kids. My Dad is a professional photographer and documentary filmmaker so he has ton of very interesting

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TIP: Use Different Keyboards for Different Languages

We were trying to find a way to differentiate the Arabic keyboard from the English keyboard.  At the time Noah was really into hunting and pecking Arabic letters.  I found that when we used a laptop, he was very engaged while using the physical keys, but I could not get the same level of engagement

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Tip: iPad 2 or iPad 3 in a large group setting

Question: Should I get an iPad2 or iPad3 if i am going to use it a large group setting. Answer:  The iPad3 has 3 main features over the iPad2, higher resolution screen, faster processor and 4G (if you by the 4G version and only in the USA,)  the faster process would be nice in a

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TIP: When to Add the Screen Protector

The best time to add a screen protector to the iPad is when you first open the box; it is likely the cleanest your iPad will ever be. So make sure to have your screen protector ready, and a good, clean, well-lit work area ready before you unbox the iPad for the first time. Also,

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