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Sami, Maya, Noah, and Laura Rahman Photo by Kris Rodriguez

Sami, Maya, Noah, and Laura Rahman Photo by Kris Rodriguez

My name is Sami Rahman. My wife Laura and I are the parents of 2 children, a boy named Noah who is 4 and a girl, Maya age 2 (at the time of this writing). We live in Houston, Texas. Noah has Cerebral Palsy as well as a condition known as Short Gut Syndrome. Professionally, I run a technology company, so I am very comfortable around computers.

As I got more involved with the iPad, I began attending meetings with a group of parents to share use, apps and advice all centered around the iPad®. The group was originally called iPads for Parents, and was started by Cristen Reat in October 2010. In November 2010, I started a website named Special Needs Apps for Kids (SNApps4Kids.com). The goal was to create a website where we could capture the information we were exchanging in our group meetings and make that information accessible to a larger audience. In May of 2011, we decided to merge our efforts with Easter Seals of Greater Houston. Easter Seals is the largest service provider to the special needs community in North America, so it was a natural fit. It has been a great partnership.

As SNApps4Kids.com started to really take off, it became clear to us that we really need to better understand the world of assistive technology and be able to speak to a much broader audience, so in the summer of 2011, Cristen and I took a Assistive Technology Applications Certification Program offered by California State University. This course, the people I met, and the things I learned have had such an enormous impact on how I think, how I problem solve, how I approach every new challenge when it comes to the iPad, and how I respond to the various issues we are presented with at SNApps4Kids.com. In 2012, SNApps4Kids.com became BridgingApps.org TM – same mission, different name.

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